The Day I Met Her

We’ve all had that feeling. Did I just pass the love of my life ion the street? Was that my soulmate who did a double-take in my direction at the ...


The Boots Hit The Trail

You don’t get an email when you reach the front lines in life. It just dawns on you one day — perhaps at a funeral — that the allies which ...

Network On The Hills


About Network On The Hills

Whether you’re visiting the Bay Area or have been a life-long resident, ...

Hills & Hops


CHAPTER 1: Into The Mystic

Some of the most reliable fog in the San Francisco Bay Area is churned out on the western face of Montara Mountain, which rises from the California coast between the towns of Pacifica and Moss Beach. There, in the cleavage of two ridges high above Gray Whale Cove, ocean gusts collide and collude with the […]

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CHAPTER 3: Internally Combustible

I met my best friend while urinating. I was a freshman at DePaul University in Chicago, and nature was calling. There were just two urinals at Players Bar, a popular watering hole which catered the under-age crowd on the outskirts of the urban campus. I was occupying one of them when Scott Davis sidled up […]

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Purisma Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve above Half Moon Bay

  If this hike was music, it could have been written by Vivaldi, for it is truly a traipse for all seasons. Or maybe Led Zeppelin, because many a-hiker consider the gently-winding 1,800 foot ascent from Higgins Canyon to (just below) Skyline Boulevard a stairway to heaven. Come to think of it, Zeppelin probably goes […]

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Saddle Up For A Sublime Escape In Half Moon Bay

This article was published in Sunset Magazine Word to the wise: Avoid the siren call of the stables situated along the beach at Half Moon Bay. Ignore the seduction of galloping through surreal fog banks like some apocalyptic messenger. Refrain from the lure of drinking in one of California’s breathless stretches of oceanfront atop one […]

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​”Rainy” Ben Chacón

Trail monikers tend to happen organically, so when 14 months of drought-driven, precipitation-free hikes came to a dramatic end in a hailstorm at Samuel P. Taylor State Park — Ben’s inaugural hike with the group — his nickname was etched in stone.

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The Floating Moment

Taft Point stands sentinel over the same side of Yosemite Valley as Glacier Point, with the former hovering 300 feet or so above its heavily visited counterpart. The panorama from both is stunning, the kind of view that makes you believe in heaven, from the edge of their rocky outcroppings to one of the world’s […]

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Dancing With The Devil

Blah, Blah, Blah.

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CHAPTER 2: The Burning Bush

I was informed shortly after birth that I had two primary purposes on this planet: to root for the Ohio State Buckeyes and to get to heaven (the good one, where the Catholics go). The former came naturally to me; I still bleed Scarlet and Grey. I had to work at eternal salvation. But given […]

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